The Golden Rule - 2016


Bringing together the writings, stories and art of 8 spiritual communities in South Australia, along with expert commentary from educators and spiritual leaders.

The first of its kind in Australia, the exhibition is supported by the Australian Government and Adelaide City Council and will be opened by Governor of South Australia Hieu Van Le AO and City of Adelaide Lord Mayor Martin Haese.

The Golden Rule - Love thy Neighbour - is a value shared by all major faith groups. By acknowledging our common humanity we can work together to build a more peaceful and tolerant world.

Director of the Abraham Institute, Katherine Goode, who has overseen the project, said The Golden Rule exhibition is one of the highlights of the year for the multicultural community.

"All the artworks in the exhibition have been created by local artists from the eight faith groups, it really is rewarding to see us all coming together for this wonderful exhibition.” 


Curriculum supportive intercultural understanding resources were developed with this project and are available for download by clicking on the link above

Images and videos of the artists & artists statements are also available providing a unique perspective on each of the artists involved and their interpretation of The Golden Rule - a clarion call for peace and understanding in our time.