Golden Rule Resources

The Golden Rule Exhibition offers an exceptional opportunity for schools and other groups to engage with interfaith dialogue and explore art from different cultures in one integrated exhibit:

- Comparative texts from 8 religions with expert commentary.

- Artworks depicting the Golden Rule as seen by artists from 8 spiritual communities as well as secular art, activities and quotes.

- Stories of communities sharing the golden rule between cultures, helping each other and providing examples of ethical behaviour.

- Artefacts from 8 different Faith traditions with explanations and a comparison of common interfaith frameworks.

- School sessions with educators in an intimate and informal setting encouraging questions and curiosity.

- Videos of artists and educators are available now, during and after the exhibition, as well as artist statements, educator essays & other resources.

Click here to download the book of artist statements
Click here to download the leaflet with the texts from the educators

Stories and Belief resources are sorted into faith group:

General capabilities
1. Intercultural understanding
2. Critical and creative thinking
3. Ethical understanding
4. Personal and social capabilities

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures
Civics and Citizenship
Understanding and cooperation
Languages and cultural learning

Interfaith framework
1. Belief in one God, many Gods or no God
2. How We Pray- House of worship
3. Dietary laws
4. Holy books or important stories and legends