Intercultural Resources
The programs of the Abraham Institute offer exceptional opportunities for schools in South Australia and other groups to engage with interfaith dialogue.

Abraham Institute's Secondary School presentations, Intercultural Understanding  are based on the Together for Humanity model, which aims to assist with the development of children's intercultural understanding in South Australian Schools.

Hatred and intolerance, or acceptance and respect, are learnt early. Prejudice and hatred dividing people who come from different cultural and religious backgrounds are a threat to a harmonious society in Australia.

The Abraham Institute works in SA Schools to help young people learn to co-exist peacefully through intercultural understanding. It is an organisation comprised predominantly of Christians, Muslims and Jews, but works with other minority cultural and religious groups and aims to expand the schools program in the near future to represent more cultural diversity. 

The Abraham Institute plans to launch it's Intercultural Understanding program into South Australian secondary schools during Harmony week 2018.

Our programs interfaith framework addresses the following curriculum: 

General capabilities
1. Intercultural understanding
2. Critical and creative thinking
3. Ethical understanding
4. Personal and social capabilities

Civics and Citizenship
Understanding and cooperation
Languages and cultural learning

Interfaith framework 
1. Belief in one God, many Gods or no God
2. How We Pray- House of worship 
3. Dietary laws
4. Holy books or important stories and legends

2016 - Golden Rule Interfaith Exhibition and Education Sessions

- Comparative texts from 8 religions with expert commentary.

- Artworks depicting the Golden Rule as seen by artists from 8 spiritual communities as well as secular art, activities and quotes.

- Stories of communities sharing the golden rule between cultures, helping each other and providing examples of ethical behaviour.

- Artefacts from 8 different Faith traditions with explanations and a comparison of common interfaith frameworks.

Videos of artists and educators are available still, as well as artist statements, educator essays & other resources.

Click here to download the book of artist statements
Click here to download the leaflet with the texts from the educators

Interfaith resources are sorted into faith group: